Precision Levels

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  • 4-2012


    Drawing Available

    Adjustable plate level with base, fulcrum, nuts and studs. The precision ground vial is mounted in a brass case with instrument black finish.
    Sensitivity: 2 to 4 minutes per division (.060 inch). Overall size: 2.75 inch L x .50 inch W x .75 inch H. Two (2) additional mounting holes in base plate .120 inch diameter located 2.375 inch C to C.

    Total: $139.51
  • 4-3064-20


    Drawing Available

    Highly sensitive mounted tubular level with adjusting studs, nuts, fulcrum and base with instrument black finish. Sensitivity: 20 seconds per division (2.0mm). Overall size: 3.00 inch L x 1.25 inch W x 1.25 inch H. Reference drawing for other dimensions and position of three (3) mounting holes.

    Total: $129.49