Military Applications

Over the years, Geier & Bluhm has worked quite closely with government agencies in developing high-quality precision levels for various military applications and associated projects. Our quality control system complies with the general inspection system requirements of government procurement agencies. Geier & Bluhm has supplied the Government with levels for a magnitude of uses from the simple line level to the sophisticated level assemblies used on fire control systems and the Apollo Projects. We take great pride in our accomplishments in the area of specialized items, and we are often listed as the suggested source of supply on many governmental blueprints and specifications.

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  • 2-05025


    IAW Dept of the Army, Frankford Arsenal, Dwg. 8211676, Rev K
    Small circular level with the MS35106-1 vial mounted in a brass cell, per Drawing 8211671, Rev E, and 8211672, Rev C.

    Total: $
  • 2-15503


    NSN: 5210-01-174-9223
    IAW U.S. Army Electronics Command, Dwg. SM-A-802914, Rev C
    Unit has a vial with a sensitivity of 20 minute per 1/16th movement of the bubble, and is mounted in a Naval Brass Case and military green finish. This level is not calibrated into the level position and is supplied with a beryllium copper mounting spring for adjustment purposes. Unit is waterproofed and has a hole through the bottom for a light passage. Geier & Bluhm is listed as a suggested source of supply

    Quantity Price
    1 - 9 $124.81
    10+ $107.34
    Total: $124.81
  • 2-24008


    NSN: 1440-00-734-5344, 5210-00-734-5344
    IAW Dept of the Army, Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, Dwg. 9194158, Rev B
    Mounted in a special brass case with Nickel-Phosphorous Finish, vial has a sensitivity of 20 minutes per .1” movement of the bubble. Unit has luminescent material applied to the background of the vial and is completely waterproof.

    Total: $91.20
  • 2-24024


    NSN: 5210-01-10-6153, 5220-01-106-6153, 6688-01-106-6153
    IAW U.S Army Tank-Automotive Command Dwg. 12297933, Rev A
    Chrome plated brass case with three (3) mounting holes, and the unit is waterproof. Glass vial has a .688 black centering circle, with two (2) additional circles, 1.125” (Blue), indicating 5 (five) degrees out of level, and 1.562” (Red) at 10 (ten) degrees. Geier & Bluhm is listed as an approved source supply.

    Quantity Price
    1 - 4 $121.46
    5 - 9 $97.17
    10 - 99 $88.34
    100+ $84.13
    Total: $121.46
  • 2-24033


    NSN: 5210-01-095-3078, 5210-01-180-8651
    IAW U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command Dwg. 11669861, Rev B
    Chrome plate brass case with three (3) mounting holes. Glass vial has a .625” inner circle with five (5) additional circles spaced at .100” increments, filled with Isopropyl alcohol. Basic sensitivity is 1 (one) degree or 60 minutes per division with a range of 5 (five) degrees.
    Geier & Bluhm is listed as an approved source supply.

    Quantity Price
    1 - 4 $116.11
    5 - 9 $92.89
    10 - 99 $80.92
    100+ $84.44
    Total: $116.11