About Us

Geier & Bluhm, Inc., was founded in 1907 in Troy, NY by two European trained instrument makers, Mr. James Geier and Mr. Joseph Bluhm. Both men devoted their careers to the design, development and manufacture of precise instruments and high quality spirit levels.

After three generations, Geier & Bluhm has developed an excellent reputation as the leader in circular and tubular levels and corresponding mounting assemblies. Even though Geier & Bluhm instruments and spirit levels have been known for superior workmanship, the company continues to improve and develop special products of the highest quality.

In the past, Geier & Bluhm has worked with many organizations to develop very unusual and unique applications for spirit levels. Geier & Bluhm even developed special circular level assemblies used by NASA on the moon during the Apollo XII mission.

Today, Geier & Bluhm levels and components are found in equipment used by the military, automotive, aerospace, scientific and construction industries, and in products requiring the greatest precision of operation and dependability of service.